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    Default Outdoor shooting range concerns?

    We might be in a position to move or get a vacation home in the near future and I'm seeing a surprising amount of properties with pretty decent acreage.

    Does anyone know the rules for having an outdoor gun range (how far you have to be from other people, etc.) in PA, or where I could find these details if it varies by county?

    I'm currently in Allegheny County and know someone with an indoor range, but I'm more of a rifle enthusiast, so I'm hoping to build something longer if possible.

    Thanks for any insights!

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    Default Re: Outdoor shooting range concerns?

    Check for regulations for the specific township you're buying in. Some have them available online but more rural areas, like mine, might not even have a town hall much less on line regulations.

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    Default Re: Outdoor shooting range concerns?

    ^What Brick said.^

    Also, if I was shopping for property in bumfuck, I would look for it to include an area with a natural earthen berm/bank and nothing behind it except for trees or fields.

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    Default Re: Outdoor shooting range concerns?

    Its usually the people who can hear you shooting who are the problem, and not the rules, as most townships have no rules. Since you can*t survey every person in a half mile then buy something that makes sense. Buy as much property as possible, with a natural back stop and build the range as far from houses as possible. My 100 yard range is located in the back of my property, which is in the back of all the properties that border it, so I can shoot all I want and it would take someone awhile to actually figure out where I am to find me and bitch at me. Not that anyone would. I hear neighbors shooting way more than me. I know someone on the other side of Washington county who built a range and their neighbor is always calling the state police, local cops, going to the township meetings, whatever saying the noise bothers her horses. So it*s a crap shoot. Go for it.
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    Default Re: Outdoor shooting range concerns?

    What everyone has said already. I'll add my piece. I've done all of the above and my range is in a back paddock. We had one neighbor complain bullets were flying over his house (which was impossible given his home's location relative to mine). I even had a friend use a drone to image my property and see exactly what was downrange from bird's eye view.

    My horses long ago got over the sound. One even comes over whenever we're doing clay birds hoping to get a hand out. LOL

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