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    Default Bloomberg Pumping In $200K to Defeat Erie County Sheriff Candidate, Brian Shank

    Last week, Everytown USA , one of former NY City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's anti-gun front organizations, announced that it would be spending $200K to defeat GOA-endorsed Erie County Sheriff candidate, Brian Shank.

    New York City money flowing into Pennsylvania has only one purpose; to defeat pro-gun candidates like Brian so they can bring New York-style gun control to Pennsylvania.Shank.jpg

    And Bloomberg doesn't just have Erie County in mind. The Erie sheriff's race is just the first * if they defeat Brian, they will be emboldened and energized and next year, they will repeat the process and go after other pro-gun candidates. Both in Pennsylvania and the rest of America.

    These NY leftists blame you, the law-abiding gun owner for their failure to control violent NY City criminals.

    The Everytown organization may have hit new lows -- even for them. They outright lied about Brian Shank breaking the law in Erie. It was just the opposite. It was the City of Erie that was breaking the law.

    The truth is that Brian was one of the *Erie Eight* who challenged the illegal Erie city park gun ban. He took his case to the PA Commonwealth Court and won a huge victory to protect your Second Amendment rights from illegal local gun bans.

    The Everytown attack mail omitted that important piece of information. But what do you expect from Michael Bloomberg?

    Everytown lied when they said Brian broke the law, and they attacked him personally with a negative smear campaign. When facts don't exist to back up your position, the anti-gun Left likes to engage in lies and personal attacks.

    I need your help more than ever to support Brian Shank and to ensure that Bloomberg's attacks against Pennsylvania sheriffs (and every other pro-gun candidate) are stopped dead in their tracks.

    So, please make a donation to GOA's Independent Expenditure Committee so that we can continue to support pro-gun sheriff candidates like Brian Shank across Pennsylvania.

    Paid for by Gun Owners of America, Inc. Committee. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

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    Default Re: Bloomberg Pumping In $200K to Defeat Erie County Sheriff Candidate, Brian Shank

    Should be illegal.

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