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    Default Re: 502 bad gateway ?

    Quote Originally Posted by knight0334 View Post
    At the top of the forum where it says "Welcome, ****** Notifications, Settings.

    Click on Settings.

    It will take you to another page. On that next page on the left is "Miscellaneous" under that is "Attachments".

    Click on attachments.

    It will take you to your list of attachments, at the far right of each is a square radio box - check the ones you want to delete.

    Then at the bottom of that list is the "Delete Selected" button.
    Unless I'm doing something wrong, here is what that does for me:

    That is a list of posts with a picture (attachment) in it. Deleting that seems to remove that attachment from that post, not the bank of pictures that can be found under 'manage attachments' in the advanced posting screen.
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    Default Re: 502 bad gateway ?

    It is kind of annoying when you look at an old post and the pic is gone but I also understand how the server can be full of junk. But instead of leaving it up to an individual to delete what they think is old can the mods / people in charge just wipe everything after X number of years? How much server space can be saved by deleting everything 10 years old? 5 years?

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