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    Default Re: Women Are Nearly Half of New Gun Buyers, Study Finds WSJ reports.

    More [insert group] buying guns? As long as it's not thugs, sounds good to me!

    Quote Originally Posted by JenniferG View Post
    Calling bullshit on article. Those women that are concerned with Trump supporters don't buy guns they get security systems installed and have police do the work.
    I'm sure there are some women who engage in the behavior the article highlights. There are 300 million people in this country, and many of them are real nutjobs. I've met a few in my time. And I can 100% believe the person in the article probably does exist. With that said, there's also a fuck ton of women on the other end of the spectrum- anyone who spends a "day in the life" of a normal American in east Pennsylvania can attest to that. Despite what the media portrays, most people in most places are normal people who love America.

    Quote Originally Posted by jthrelf View Post
    And let's be real - Trump supporters have zero history of violence as a whole. Zero. The media wants you to think otherwise due to Jan 6 but we know nothing actually happened besides some pants being soiled at the thought.
    To add to this, Trump, the man himself that is, had nothing to do with any problems that occurred- he specifically said several times that people should be peaceful. And they were.
    They even have minds but do not think. -Dov Fischer

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    Default Re: Women Are Nearly Half of New Gun Buyers, Study Finds WSJ reports.

    Quote Originally Posted by eagleclaw View Post
    As long as they keep voting liberal democrat they may not be able to legally own them for long.
    I wonder what it would take for them to revolt as a demographic, to turn against the anti gun media and culture base. Seriously, how can we help make it happen.

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