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    Default Palmetto State Armory did me right

    So, just wanted to let folks know that despite some of the stories Iíve heard about shipping policies and delays at Palmetto State Armory, they got my ammo order out in just a few days.

    Last month I inherited a little 380 Auto called a Glock 42. Never having owed a 380 before, I have course had no ammunition on hand for it. They had some in stock, at the price you would expect these days, but I was only going to probably buy 100 rounds, ever, or at least in the foreseeable future, so I bit the bullet. I got American Eagle 95 grain full metal jacket.

    I also picked up two boxes of 500 rounds of CCI Standard Velocity 40 grain, the only 22LR round I ever shoot. My 10/22 is a tack driver with it, and itís a bone stock rifle.

    PSA got it out the door in just a couple days, and it arrived shortly thereafter at my house in the Pittsburgh suburbs. I was prepared to wait quite a while to get the rounds, because I wasnít in a real hurry anyway, but I was very surprised that it came so quickly, especially these days.

    They did right by me.
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    Default Re: Palmetto State Armory did me right

    .380's are fun to shoot and the manufactures are producing better stuff every year.

    Have fun with the .22LR

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    Default Re: Palmetto State Armory did me right

    I've done biz with PSA for several years now, they've only let me down once. Dozens of orders and only one screw up, which they never did even acknowledge when I emailed them. I've chosen to buy from them since and I have no regrets. They are 99.9% gtg, IMO.

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    Default Re: Palmetto State Armory did me right

    PSA hasn't had slow shipping in years. They became a major player back during the 2013 panic and had growing pains associated with huge order volumes.

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    Default Re: Palmetto State Armory did me right

    I've with PSA for years, I've bought a few guns, a couple of optics, some odds and ends parts, and thousands of rounds of ammo. I think I had trouble getting ammo one time last year when things were funky, other than that they have provided acceptable to great service. The biggest issue I have with them is their shipment tracking usually seems wacky. Often it says the package is in processing for days, then once it finally ships it'll only take a day to get to my door. I don't know if that's on them or the carrier and I don't think it effects the overall delivery time.
    Anyway, people can look down on me for having a couple PSA ARs (yes, people have attempted to shame me for that), but the fact is they go bang and are reasonably accurate. PSA stuff is not top shelf, I get that, but they deserve credit for getting shit tons of ARs into the public. I was talking to a co-worker last week, he wanted to get his first AR, his bil said he could build him one for 1000+, so he wasn't sure he wanted to spend that much just for something to play with. I asked if he had checked out PSA, I told him he could get a decent AR for a tad over half that, and he was amazed and was once again considering it, especially after I explained how simple the purchase and shipping process is. His bil never offered or explained that option. PSA gets two thumbs up for providing feature packed guns for super affordable prices to people who would otherwise not but one.
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