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    Default Re: The hunting ammo shortage is real

    Quote Originally Posted by 27hand View Post
    My friend has sold off half his 30.06, all of his .308 and all of his .300 winmag.
    Ammoseek does list .300WinMag for under $40 a box with free shipping.
    I could stop reloading today and be set for a while for most common calibers and shotgun sabots.

    My friends 7mm mag is selling for $2 a round and his .06 ( off brand mfgs) @ 25 a box.

    I might look into a .44, .41 or.357 mag rifle. I don't know why.

    I have a Henry Big Boy Steel in .44 magnum that I absolutely love. The receiver is color case hardened and a real beauty. I hunted with it one time and was fortunate to take a doe. Hand loads by the way.

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    Default Re: The hunting ammo shortage is real

    People haven't learned from 2013 STILL?!

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    Default Re: The hunting ammo shortage is real

    Quote Originally Posted by northny View Post
    Some disjointed thoughts on this topic

    Remington stopped producing ammo after bankruptcy. The new owners had to get new licenses etc and only a month ago started production. So the Remington or core lokt ammo you have been looking for has not been produced for over a year, and is only now getting back into production.

    I shoot a lot of different calibers including .243. One thing I noticed since Sandy Hook is the .243 was the last ammo to disappear in a buying crisis. Now that it has gone away I*m not sure how quickly it will return

    I was pleasantly surprised that the 6.5 creedmore seems to be sporadically available.
    Word is that Remingtons plant is back at 80-90% capacity. Not great, but a damn sight better than nothing. Wont be much on the way of deals this season, but I think we'd all be happy just having inventory right now. Long term, I gotta believe Vista will add some capacity. Especially with the whole Russian thing. I know the industry moves at glacial pace, but somebody has to see the opportunity...prices have been up for 2 years, inflation projected up for a while, Russian sanctions, etc.

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    Default Re: The hunting ammo shortage is real

    In January I bought a crossbow, tired of scrounging for ammo to be both in stock and at a price that didn't make my asshole sore. It also extends my season. I don't care if I get a deer or not, sometimes I just wanna be out in the woods... lol

    I like guns... And boobs...

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