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I'm disputing that the bill passed because of the plandemic. It was passed in Oct 2019 before the breakout covid breakout. Not because of. Neither Governor nor SCPA had ANY authority to change election law and ALL their action were UNCONSTITUTIONAL, whether Act 77 as passed was Constitutional or not! As I recall only Texas in their multi-state suit was such take to court and it was rebuffed by SCOTUS for lack of standing. Meanwhile as I understand it SCOTUS is reviewing ACT 77 in line with its validity under PA Constitution. BUT PA GOP still needs to pull its heads out of their asses and start acting like they want to win!
I see. You were not refuting my posts, but simply the idea (which I did not claim) that Act 77, as originally passed, was a response to covid.

It helps if you quote reply when addressing a specific post, especially if that post was written months ago, and several pages have been posted since