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    Default Re: Reloading 44Mag for a H&R Handi-Rifle

    Quote Originally Posted by Boo Vuccla View Post
    Sorry, R.L., I get primers if needed at Millers Gun Shop, Rt 64. They had some Large Pistol Magnums last month.
    I'll have to check up there. I haven't been in for a couple years. I usually try national or troxels for primers, but it's been nada for months now.

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    Default Re: Reloading 44Mag for a H&R Handi-Rifle

    I doubt it has anything to do with the lead bullet being sized .001 smaller. At 44 mag pressures the bullet will easily be swadged up in size as soon as it hits the lands and fill the bore completely.
    The Berry's bullet I used was a copper-plated bullet at .439". I do believe as you do that it's filling the bore but not right at the instant of firing and not as tightly as the .430 diameter jacketed bullet. The bore is clean whereas just one shot with the berry's bullet made the barrel look like it was a neglected toasted Hi-Point that was never cleaned.
    There was a huge difference.
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    Default Re: Reloading 44Mag for a H&R Handi-Rifle

    Quote Originally Posted by Gunsnwater View Post
    Funny I never saw a box of 44mag say rifle. This information is new to me. It seems dumb. Why would they spec rifles differently?
    I'm not sure exactly why. But it isn't anything new.

    I noticed the difference in bore/groove diameters between handguns and rifles 25-30 years ago, then looked into it. Sure enough, SAAMI had different specs and measurements.

    Many rifle manufacturers use the rifle spec for throat, bore, and groove. Others do not.

    Practically every handgun uses the handgun spec.(probably some exceptions there too)
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    Default Re: Reloading 44Mag for a H&R Handi-Rifle

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