Our next Multigun match is coming up on Sunday, August 29th. This will be a 3gun match and there will not be a 2gun division.

The match will consist of 5 fast, fun stages including targets out to about 500yds and a jungle run! There will be three divisions: Open, Tac Ops, and Limited. The following is a brief outline:

Open: No magazine limits; optics permitted on all three guns; bipod permitted on rifle; speedloading devices and magazine-fed shotguns permitted.

Tactical Optics: pistol mags limited to 140mm (170 for single stack), rifle limited to 30rds in the magazine. One magnified optic permitted on rifle. A red dot with an additional magnifier is OK – but magnifier must remain on the rifle for the duration of the match. No electronic sights permitted on pistol/shotgun. Only tube-fed shotguns permitted. Not more than nine (9) rounds total may be loaded at the beginning of any stage.

Limited: Same rules as Tactical Optics, but no magnification on rifle (iron sights or red dot).

- Cost: $30
- Sign-in starts at 7:30AM with the shooters’ meeting at 8:15AM
- A sling will be needed.
- No slugs
- Ammo: min: 100 rifle, 100 pistol, 60 SG

We will shoot rain or shine. “No shows” take a spot from someone who would really like to participate and is considered poor match etiquette. “No shows” will be removed from our email list and may be automatically placed on the waitlist for future matches. We’re expecting a good turn out, so do not register unless you are sure you can make the match.

Registration link: