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An addendum to my above post, with my eyes going on six decades, irons are just about No Buenos any more, as far as optics, the 1970 called and wants their scopes back, LOL!!! what worked for me 4-years ago still does fine these are Colt branded and very good quality with BDC turret regulated for the 55 gr load to 500 yards
I figured this thread was dead. There are a lot of scopes out there and I ended up going with a Athlon Optics Ares BTR Gen II 2.5-15x because I got a good deal. I've been happy with it. People have asked to look through it and have commented how clear it is. It does the job well, was easy to zero and seems stable.

I had no real plans to shoot at 400 yards, that is more aspirational. Unfortunately, after looking around, 100 yards is about all I'll be able to shoot around where I live, and even that's a stretch. Delaware County sort of sucks for ranges.

I later picked up an AR-10 and just recently installed Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen II 5-25x. I also selected that because I got a good deal ($680).

I've read what magnification people suggest for various use cases, and I seem to prefer more zoom than most people. Perhaps like @SgtRecon here, I'm getting too old for irons and lower-magnification scopes.