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    Default New to 32 H&R Mag

    Hi All,

    I'm new to 32 H&R Mag and have a question or two. Can someone post a pic of the primer after firing? Mine are significantly flattened, to the point that as a hand loader I would be concerned with excessive pressure. Or is it normal? The ammo is Federal Personal Defense 85 grain jacked hollow point. The pistol is a brand new Charter Arms revolver that I already sent back to the factory due to poor case ejection and their diagnosis was a sharp edge on the rear of the chamber bores. For which they hand lapped with the SAAMI spec reamer. But was this not all of the story? Are the poor ejection and flattened primers signs of something else? Inquiring minds want to know...

    Thanks in advance,
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    Default Re: New to 32 H&R Mag

    Poor ejection and flattened primers are signs of hot loads.

    Rough chambers can also make ejection difficult. ...brass expands, and the fine ridges in the chamber bite into the brass. Hotter loads tend to magnify that problem.

    You can fix rough chambers with some Flitz polishing compound and a small diameter bore mop(about same size as case diameter). Put the bore mop in a slow turning drill, add a little Flitz(or similar polishing compound), then spin the drill - pushing/pulling the mop in and out. With revolvers you don't have to worry about hitting rifling. Doing this with integral chamber/barrels you have to stay back away from throat and rifling.
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    Default Re: New to 32 H&R Mag

    The flat primer is not an issue in a Charter arms. Try some other ammo after you fix the rough chambers.
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