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    Default Re: The most dangerous animal on public land

    Shot a goose that glided down forever. Wife, both kids and I crossed a pasture to the woods where it crash landed to look for it and the mate that followed it down. Returning through that same pasture, the farmer's cows, about a dozen of them, came running toward us. They got very near and scared the hell out of us. I fired the shotgun I was carrying, expecting them to spook away from us. No reaction whatsoever. But they stopped advancing and we left unscathed.

    I told the farmer about it. He laughed and said they would never hurt us. He failed to convince me of that.
    There are only two kinds of guns. Those I have and those I want.

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    Default Re: The most dangerous animal on public land

    Quote Originally Posted by R.A.D. View Post
    I thought you would figure out the answer, silly me

    Never broke a game regulation in my life. Does not change the fact that game wardens are some of the worst ego cases in uniform
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