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    Default Joshua Prince for Commonwealth Court

    Apparently there is a movement afoot to appoint Joshua Prince to the PA Commonwealth Court, should Kevin Brobson be elected to the PA Supreme Court. The Commonwealth Court deals with cases between government agencies, particularly in respect to the recent government overreach we saw during the Covid pandemic.

    If you know your local State GOP delegates you should contact them to let them know you support Joshua Prince for Commonwealth Court.

    Sorry if dupe.

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    Default Re: Joshua Prince for Commonwealth Court

    Would this remove him from his current position as 2A advocate in the private sector?
    Fuck joe biden and the ho beside him

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    Default Re: Joshua Prince for Commonwealth Court

    Quote Originally Posted by Walleye Hunter View Post
    Would this remove him from his current position as 2A advocate in the private sector?
    We still have Gun lawyer.
    "Cives Arma Ferant"

    "I know I'm not James Bond, that's why I don't keep a loaded gun under the pillow, or bang Russian spies on a regular basis." - GunLawyer001

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