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    Default Re: Responding to Classified Threads/ Other means of contact if PMs full.

    Quote Originally Posted by ROCK-IT3 View Post
    The "notifications" tab gets highlighted when you receive rep, the same way it gets highlighted when you have a PM.
    I never noticed that. I just had to look for it now.
    It shows the same 5 friend requests that have been sitting there for a year or more.
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    Default Re: Responding to Classified Threads/ Other means of contact if PMs full.

    Quote Originally Posted by tankman1989 View Post
    I just posted about this very problem. I'm going to look through Vbulletin plugins to see if there isn't somethign that will help this situation. I seem to remember some plugin that turns the entire background Yellow, then Orange, then Red as your PM limit gets closer to 100% - it also shows in bold something like "you have 5 PM's remainging until box is full". Of course, only the user see's this, but at least it would be easier for the user to realize what the problem is.

    Now if we could only figure out a way to message the user once it is full. Maybe an add-on like the "friend" or "contact" request - but instead create a new catagory of "CHECK YOUR PM's BUD - IT's FULL" - kind of like a facebook "poke" or whatever that thing is. Just something to notify the user they have to take action to clean out their PM's...

    Does anyone know if all users are able to receive emails from the board admin? I would think that should be mandatory. I understand if they don't want emails from members, but admin should be able to contact them. If Admin can email them - they should set up an automated email to be sent out when the PM's reach 90% 95% and 100% and make it clear that they need to do something. This should all be able to be automated so the board admins don't need to do anything besides set parameters and let the plugin run.

    Sucks, i missed out on a sale bc of this. But i tried pming a guy everyday to check if he cleared his inbox. Gave up, and few days after, product was sold.

    I tried everything, i even was about to comment on his post from 5 years ago, lol, but i didnt want to up a thread that old.

    Anyways, this was a rare situation, usually people are good at noticing their inbox is full, bc they cant send any messages if it is full, so thats a good warning.

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