OnSight Firearms Training presents:



Lebanon County Police Combat Pistol Club
1805 Russell Rd, Annville, PA 17003

$450.00 + $50 Range Fee.

PLEASE NOTE There is a $200 DEPOSIT upon registration.(all deposits are transferable but not refundable)Balance of $300 due on the day of the class * CASH ONLY! (PLEASE SEE CANCELLATION POLICY AT BOTTOM!)



PREREQUISITES:Students should know and be able to perform all aspects of safe firearm handing. Students should be familiar with the basics of shooting (grip, stance, breath control, trigger control, follow through, etc.)



Dave Harrington is an International Level Weapons & Tactics Trainer, and National Level Competitive Shooter. Dave has an extensive background in the U.S. Army Special Forces and has earned the respect of his peers in both the shooting industry and competitive shooting communities with his technical knowledge base and on demand shooting ability.

Dave has developed his own training methodology, and training programs that provide a solid balance of technical shooting instruction and his guidance for the tactical application of fire for *problem solving*. The high value aspect of Dave*s approach to training is he is not a *lock step* trainer. Dave*s powers of observation and analytical skill allow him to immediately and continuously evaluate each individual*s ability and advise accordingly. Dave does not waste time, energy, or resources on topics that you readily understand and are capable of demonstrating based on his analysis of your performance. Dave will take you as far as he can based on your demonstrated performance and willingness to apply yourself.

Military Awards:

The Meritorious Service Medal (3), Army Commendation Medal (5), Army Achievement Medal (4), Good Conduct Medal (5), Airborne Wings, Jump Master, HALO Wings, Special Forces Tab, Ranger Tab, Expert Infantry Badge.

Special Operations Training Certificates:

United States Army Special Operations Command Security Managers Course (8B-F7) / May 21, 1999

Special Operations Target Interdiction Course (SOTIC / 2F-F67/011-ASIW3) November 15, 1996

Special Forces Assistant Operations & Intelligence Sergeants Course (011-18F40) / September 20, 1994

Military Freefall Parachutist Course (2E-SI4X/ASI4X/001-ASIW8) / March 18, 1994

Special Forces Weapons Sergeant Advanced Noncommissioned Officers Course (011-18B40) / December 9, 1993

Instructor Training Course (ITC/H Identifier) / April 2, 1993

Anti-terrorism Instructor Qualification Course (AIQC / 5k-F5/012-f30) / June 5, 1992

Individual Terrorism Awareness Course (INTAC / 3a-F40/011-f21) / May 22, 1992

Special Forces Advanced Reconnaissance Target Analysis and Exploitation techniques Course (SFARTAETC) / August 9, 1990

Special Operations Weapons Sergeant Course (011-18B30) / August 8, 1988

CMF 18 Basic Noncommissioned Officers Course (011-18B30) / August 8, 1988

Additional Military and Civilian Certificates of Training:

Rogers Tactical Shooting School (Advanced Qualifications) October 22, 1999 & June 21, 2002

Glock Armorer Course / June 28, 2002

Beretta Armorer Course / March 23, 2001

United States Marine Corps High Risk Personnel Course / June 27, 1997

FBI Firearms Instructor Qualification / December 16, 1994 & September 19, 1997

Department of Energy Force on Force Controller Training / September 26, 1997

United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission system analysis / November 17, 1997

Secret Service Firearms Instructor Qualification, received High Overall Shooter Award / December 13, 1996

NC Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission for Laws Governing Concealed Handgun and Use of Deadly Force / Current since October 27, 1995

NRA Certified Instructor for: Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Home Firearms Safety and Personal Protection / Current since August 31, 1995

Military Operations on Urban Terrain / September 4, 1987

Primary Leadership Development Course / June 26, 1987

Ranger School / RGR CLASS 2-87 / January 22, 1987

*Light Fighters Combat Leaders Course* / September 19, 1986

Advanced Individual Training * MOS 11C100 / May 8, 1986

United States Air Force Security Specialist Course (PDS CODE ZKA) / May 20, 1985

Integrated Weapons for Urban Combat* focuses on the Techniques, Tactics & Procedures for the use of the Carbine & Pistol as mutually supporting weapons in the close confines of the Urban Environment.

Class Requirements:

Functional rifle or pistol caliber carbine with at least 1,000 rounds of ammunition.

Functional Semi-Auto Pistol with at least 1,000 rounds of ammunition.

Minimum of 10 dummy rounds (training ammo) per caliber

At least 8 carbine magazines (more is better), and the ability to carry them on your person.

At least 8 pistol magazines (more is better), and the ability to carry them on your person.

A Sturdy belt w/ a quality pistol holster, designed specifically for the pistol you are carrying. No nylon holsters (Uncle Mike*s), or Blackhawk Serpa-style holsters will be permitted in the class. * We Recommend: Raven Concealment, Blackpoint Tactical, G-Code, Stealth Gear USA, Black Center Tactical Holsters, Dark Star Gear, C&G Holsters.

Eye and Ear protection. Electronic hearing protection is highly recommended.

Hand held flashlight and weapon mounted flashlightSeason-appropriate clothing and rain gear (we shoot rain or shine).

Appropriate footwear.Knee and Elbow pads (Optional, but highly recommended).

Lunch Food/snacks and method of hydration (there are no restaurants nearby).(Plan to each lunch at the range on both training days!

When packing out for training remember; *It*s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it*)

Ready-to-learn attitude.Note pad and pen for taking notes.Weapon specific maintenance and cleaning equipment

Back up weapons systems should be similar to your primary

For more information or questions please contact:

ADDITIONAL INFO:This course is limited to 14 students only. First 14 to buy tickets will attend.Students are encouraged to bring their own lunch and beverages.

Private and group shooting lessons available * Rifle * Pistol * Shotgun

Women*s classes available.

New York (resident) pistol permit classes, Utah, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Florida, Virginia, Arizona, Massachusetts non-resident carry permit classes available.For more info:



No Refunds unless we cancel the course.

If you have to cancel attending a course you are registered for you may opt to transfer to another course that has openings within the calendar year provided you give 7DAYS notice of the cancellation. No exceptions.

No-Call/No-Show: Participants who do not show to the event without prior 72 hour notice forfeit their deposit.