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    Default Re: Did PA change its law?

    Varies by county and sheriff.

    Yes , they are suppose to.

    No some don't , and won't.

    Arguing with sheriff's is futile.

    They will tell you to lock it in your car.

    If you don't , they will remove it and you from the courthouse.

    If you do , you will probably miss your time slot and have to reapply.
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    Default Re: Did PA change its law?

    Quote Originally Posted by Emptymag View Post
    What notice?
    The statute requires that "Court facilities" be clearly labeled as such, at each public entrance, so folks don't accidentally carry a firearm into a prohibited area. If someone does, and the required signage wasn't there, it's *supposed to* prevent a conviction (and hopefully even a charge), because "knowingly" is an element of the offense.

    Because the statue also mandates storage, that same signage is supposed to inform entrants where that storage can be found. The storage is not just for guns. It's for any item deemed to be "a dangerous weapon" that is otherwise lawful for someone to have but not allowed in the court facility, so knives, pepper spray, etc. would also be included.

    (d)*Posting of notice.--Notice of the provisions of subsections (a) and (e) shall be posted conspicuously at each public entrance to each courthouse or other building containing a court facility and each court facility, and no person shall be convicted of an offense under subsection (a)(1) with respect to a court facility if the notice was not so posted at each public entrance to the courthouse or other building containing a court facility and at the court facility unless the person had actual notice of the provisions of subsection (a).
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