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    Default Re: Question about gifting a handgun

    Quote Originally Posted by DrToothache View Post
    Dang that is good to hear. I hope that they get rid of that dated law. It sounds pretty promising:

    "What the national background check *has done to the pistol purchase permit is what email has done to a fax machine, and that is, it*s made it obsolete,* Eddie Caldwell, the association*s executive vice president, said after the voice vote. The association*s executive committee agreed to support the repeal, he said."
    Not to mention the courts in Illinois just called FOID cards / pistol permits unconstitutional:

    Hopefully this starts the ball rolling in armpit states like NJ and others....
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    Default Re: Question about gifting a handgun

    Not related to the OP; but you didn*t pay Pennsylvania State taxes when you were a PA State residence but earning out of state income.

    Because PA does not charge it.
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