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    Default LCTF Reference Section

    I know this gets brought up from time to time, but I couldn't find anything relatively recent, especially for Allegheny county. I need to renew my LCTF and was planning on hitting up the satellite event in South Park next weekend. Since you need to fill out the same form for renewal that you do for a brand new application, here's my question:

    Do you even need to fill out the reference section on the application anymore?

    I know there were some suits filed out east because actually calling the references is a violation of your privacy. Can I just cross the section out and write N/A or will they turn me away for that?
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    Default Re: LCTF Reference Section


    Statute gives PSP the authority to create the form. They have included a place for references, thus, IMO, it is just as "required" as your eye color or employment info.

    *SOME* counties have agreed to forego this information as part of a settlement agreement, but there is NO binding case law to stand on that supports an applicant's refusal to complete those fields.

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