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Thread: OnLine Renewal

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    Default OnLine Renewal

    I tried a few times has anyone had success using the online to renew their Carry? Does not seem to let me upload the images required.

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    Default Re: OnLine Renewal

    Thanx 4 da tip off, went to the Sheriff's site
    Found it OK, have to establish an account with e/ml log in & PW. I did note that the size limit on uploads was 5 M, didn't specify each or combined, but i would assume combined. Had no issues, gave'm LTCF, DMV & Voter Reg. Wanted front & back of everything you upload, fee is only $20 + 5 juice. You can print out the whole 2 page packet & confirmation receipt at the end. Hardest part I had was give'm a decent signature with da Mouse, LOL!!
    There is a an order tracking link at the end 4 u to sign into your account to chk status
    Hopefully not 2 long on the turn around, mine is up in May, but Wolf had an extension to the end of June!

    Good Luck!!

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