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    Default Plaintiffs Needed for Philadelphia "Ghost Gun" Ban

    Gun Owners of America is (again) seeking Plaintiffs to sue the City of Philadelphia!

    Do you live in Philadelphia? Have you ever wanted to finish an 80% lower or 3D print a firearm or firearm accessory? If so, please get in touch with Dr. Val Finnell, Pennsylvania Director of Gun Owners of America, so that we can restore your legal right to do so!

    Early this year, Philadelphia passed an illegal prohibition on its citizens' RKBA--a complete ban on home manufacture of any firearm or firearm accessory--in plain violation of Pennsylvania's firearms preemption statute, 18 Pa. C.S. 6120. This is part of their long-standing attack on citizen*s gun rights, despite violence in Philadelphia being at an all-time high.

    Gun Owners of America has an ongoing effort to educate the City of Brotherly Love that--despite their belief otherwise--they are not exempt from the Constitution or Commonwealth law. GOA is seeking Philadelphia residents who are interested in participating in this lawsuit, and have interest in manufacturing their own firearm or firearm accessory. Philadelphia should focus its efforts on prosecuting violent criminals rather than continuing to harass law-abiding gun owners.

    If you are a Philadelphia resident and interested in lending your support to this lawsuit, please contact Dr. Val Finnell, GOA's Pennsylvania Director, at, so that we can move forward with this lawsuit.
    Val W. Finnell, MD, MPH | Pennsylvania Director, Gun Owners of America | 717-220-3380

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    Default Re: Plaintiffs Needed for Philadelphia "Ghost Gun" Ban

    Worthy approach.
    Galations 6:9...And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.
    Ashli Babbitt - Patriot

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    Default Re: Plaintiffs Needed for Philadelphia "Ghost Gun" Ban

    I*d like to see them attempt a single action towards law abiding citizens who build their own firearms. Like me! And it so happens I carry a P80SC I BUILT, every day. And I carry it EVERY time I go into Philly! So..Filthadelphia can suck a dick!
    FUCK the FRAUD, Joe Biden!

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