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    Default Hickory run cabin rentals

    Looking at taking a weekend trip before peak season and rent a cabin up there. I want/have to take the pup with me.

    Their cabin policy states no pets and to find a rental that allows dogs (they dont have any cabins listed that allow dogs). Shes not a pet under ADA guidelines, since shes a service dog (in training...PA law allows public access while in training)...can anyone here who’s dealt with this confirm whether or not i can take her?

    Both cabins i looked at are listed as ADA accesible...but dont fall under the DCNR “dogs indoors” camping program

    Edit: called the park already, they dont know “we dont want to give you the wrong answer”

    More like “we don’t want to get sued for giving you the wrong answer” it sounds like. Guess i’ll just book it and do what i want, works for the rest of the twilight zone we live in
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