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    Default Judge Brobson for PA Supreme Court GOA!

    Judge Brobson is the Gun Owners' Choice for Supreme Court

    Dear Todd,

    Conservative Justice Thomas Saylor is retiring after 23 years on the PA Supreme Court, leaving a vacancy.

    It is imperative that a pro-Second Amendment Supreme Court justice be elected to replace Justice Saylor.

    Fortunately, gun owners have a great candidate with current Commonwealth Court Judge, Kevin Brobson.

    In January of 2020, Judge Brobson wrote the injunction against Attorney General Josh Shapiro's illegal opinion that unfinished receivers (80% lowers) should be classified as firearms and be subject to a background check.

    As you know, AG Shapiro is on a crusade against unfinished receivers, using the incredibly spooky term "ghost guns" to describe them.

    But Judge Brobson upheld the rule of law against Shapiro's arbitrary and capricious edict.*You can read about that case and Brobson's decision*here.

    Judge Brobson also ruled in favor of restricting local governments from enacting their own gun control and wrote a dissenting opinion that membership organizations, like GOA, should have standing when representing their members in court.

    Moreover, of all the Republican Supreme Court candidates who answered GOA's judicial survey, only Judge Brobson scored a "10" on his "judicial philosophy" question, identifying himself as a perfect "strict constructionist/originalist."

    Judge Brobson also identified Justice Antonin Scalia as the U.S. Supreme Court Justice who most closely reflects his judicial philosophy.

    Here is what Judge Brobson has to say about the importance of our right to keep and bear arms in his own words:

    “Pennsylvania law has long recognized the fundamental right to bear arms in defense of oneself, even prior to the ratification of Pennsylvania’s first constitution as an independent state in 1776.* Pennsylvania would be the first state to recognize explicitly the right to bear arms in its state constitution declaration of rights, which served as a model for similar state constitutions and the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.* While resort to the courts would be necessary to clarify the scope and extent of the later enacted Second Amendment right (Heller), largely based on divergent interpretations of the militia clause, Article I, section 21 of the Pennsylvania Constitution clearly and unambiguously confirms the right to bear arms in defense of oneself and protects that right from government intrusion.* As a judge, sworn to uphold the Pennsylvania Constitution, and a gun owner, I will scrupulously protect the rights of all Pennsylvanians to keep and bear arms in defense of themselves.”

    Finally, we never received a survey response from the Democratic candidate for Supreme Court, which is always a bad sign for gun owners.

    That's why Gun Owners of America is backing Judge Kevin Brobson for Supreme Court

    So, in the May 18th Republican primary, vote for GOA-backed Kevin Brobson and be sure to support his*campaign.

    In liberty,

    Tim Macy
    Gun Owners of America

    P.S.* Vote for Judge Kevin Brobson for Supreme Court in the May 18th Republican primary and support his*campaign!

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    Default Re: Judge Brobson for PA Supreme Court GOA!

    And make sure his former seat (on the Commonwealth Court) is filled with someone who respects the Constitution of PA and the US.


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    Default Re: Judge Brobson for PA Supreme Court GOA!

    Great, the public will probably elect another democrat
    "The Constitution is the guide which I will not abandon.” - George Washington

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