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    Default Re: Lone Wolf cant ship Poly80's to Pa?

    they aren't even competitively priced 90 percent of the time

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    Default Re: Lone Wolf cant ship Poly80's to Pa?

    Meh I've had less than stellar luck with their in house Glock parts anyway... Not at the top of my list of retailers.

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    Default Re: Lone Wolf cant ship Poly80's to Pa?

    This is just the tip of the iceberg, as the waters continue to get murkier from bs regulations, "guidance" from Biden, etc etc companies will continue to be afraid of getting in trouble and eventually won't sell anything. Continuing to comply with shit that isn't even a law will doom gun owners for sure, let alone unconstitutional laws that do get passed.

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    Default Re: Lone Wolf cant ship Poly80's to Pa?

    Quote Originally Posted by Scutter View Post
    This is what I sent them: I was just browsing your site and came across the following notation that
    you do not ship to Pennsylvania where I reside. Would you be so kind as to
    enlighten me on what law/s have been passed in my state or who/whom
    notified you that an 80% cannot be shipped to a customer in PA? Thank you
    for a reply. Take care and have a good day. This is what I got back: We do apologize for the inconvenience. We have been advised form our upper management per our legal team that there is a lot of uncertainty regarding legislation and/ restrictions in your state that causes the need for our company to air on the side of caution, resulting in the determination to not ship 80% lowers into your state. Again we apologize but this is what we have been informed of and have to abide by for the protection and success of our company till further notice.
    At least you got a response.

    Like PA's wolf, they're a piece shit too.

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