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    Default Re: Rifle private sale questions

    Also no refunds on ammo returned self-propelled.
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    Default Re: Rifle private sale questions

    Thank you for having both an open mind and what seems to be a clear understanding of the varying conditions of individuals and privates sales.
    The law is supposed to be a defining line for what society is allowed and not allowed to do yet some seem
    to apply extra measures over and above the stated law placing undue and also varying burden on individuals. To those that don't feel the law
    is enough or doesn't offer you the protection you require then simply don't do business and collectively vote for changes in leadership and statues so the
    law reflects your needs. I use the example if the speed limit is 65 then its 65 because it was reviewed and voted on. It is improper possibly unlawful to block/stall
    traffic on a rode way to 55 because so you are uncomfortable with a sports car doing 65 because you don't know the driver or his/her intentions.

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