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    My good friend owns an AR15
    His son is a captain in the Army.
    The father wants to give the AR to his son to take back to Hawaii where he is stationed.
    Can he just take it back to Hawaii without any issues with FFL transfer?

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    I donít think ARs are legal in Hawaii

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    If your friend and his son are both PA residents, then the transfer is not required. If they are residents of different states, then a transfer at an FFL is required. Like PickingPA says, the legality of owning an AR15 in Hawaii is the issue. They'd better do their research.
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    Here is some information from the Hawaii Rifle Association:

    But as said, if the father and son are residents of different states, the rifle has to be transferred, either at a PA FFL or a Hawaii FFL. Since the son is in the military, if he still has PA as his home of record and holds a PA DL, then Dad can just give it to him. Son would then have to adhere to the HI laws.
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