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Thread: BCA Bolts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Delkal View Post
    Did you just try and test with snap caps? Take it to the range and put some live ammo thru it to see if there is a problem.
    I tried manually cycling live rounds too with the same outcome, no fire just manual racking to check function.

    Quote Originally Posted by icp4life162005 View Post
    I'd personally just shoot the damn thing, and check it after each shot.

    It's a new build, still has some roughness and tension till everything settles in together. Since 9 out of 10 just playing around with snap caps is fine, it could even be a snap cap issue.
    You could pull the firing pin out of the bolt and try clambering real(or dummies brass) ammunition as well
    I guess that's what I'm going to end up having to do lol. Parts are getting so hard to find I wanted to make sure I had it fixed if it was going to be an issue. I don't have many of any spare parts here so I ordered a BCM bolt upgrade kit with new extractor and another spare parts kit. I'm just worried the bolt is out of spec from BCA which sounds like it wouldn't be surprising based on what I've been reading about their QC. I also order a headspace gauge, I probably should have had one to begin with.

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    i had something like this happen with a tool craft bolt i bought a few years back. on my bcg they had a donut o ring and rubber insert inside the extractor spring.
    I ordered a sprinco extractor spring, used the insert, and put the oring in my parts box . no probs after that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BrentJennings View Post
    I'm stupid so I don't have spare parts yet lol. When I order another $4 extractor I'll prob order double of nearly everything else to make the order worth it lol.
    It's not too late, but seriously, spare parts. I have everything in multiples. Even crap that should have break.


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    Take the ejector off and check that the edge that grabs the rim is not cracked or rounded. Then check the edges for burrs or anything that can hang it up in the bolt. The ejector should move smoothly under moderate finger pressure.

    Also, are you letting the bolt slam shut or are you gently lowering it on the cartridge? Don't baby it. If the bolt is not fully engaged the extractor might not pop over the rim.

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