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    Hoping one of the attorneys that frequent this forum can offer an opinion.

    I have a friend who got into trouble 10 years ago due to drug addiction. Hes been clean and sober since, is a homeowner and small business owner, married and just had a child. Hes saving to apply for a pardon and expungement.

    His wife would like a firearm in the house for protection, especially because they keep a lot of cash from the business there. Unless/until a pardon and expungement are granted, is he prohibited from living in a household where a firearm is present if its owned by someone else? How about if its secured in a safe and only his wife knows the combination. (I hear you chuckling. Serious question though.)

    Opinions would be appreciated.

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    Gunlawyer gives an answer in this thread. There are plenty of other threads where it is discussed at length
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