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    Default I'm finally putting a red dot on my Beretta - Holosun 507?

    I bought the Langdon Tactical RDO slide for my M9A1 tonight and now I have to choose a red dot. I have a Holosun 503G on my Stribog and a 510C on my 7.62x39 AR that I love so I'm probably going to get a 507 but the problem is this; I don't know the difference between the V2, X2, 507C, 507K, etc. I'm heading to youtube now for some education but if anyone has any experience with those, let me know.
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    Default Re: I'm finally putting a red dot on my Beretta - Holosun 507?

    Holosun just replaced my HE507C-GR with a HE507C-GR X2. The original had a problem with the battery losing contact under recoil and the sight would blink out.

    So for, so good with the X2. I'm happy with it after putting about 75 rounds through my CZ. I need to put a couple hundred more before I'm confident it works properly. I can't break down all of the various versions you mentioned but I know the first gen battery problem was widely reported for people running them on handguns.
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    Default Re: I'm finally putting a red dot on my Beretta - Holosun 507?

    I have a holosun (cant remember the series, quick detach, solar) on my cz scorpion.
    Have about 600rnds through it. Balls on.

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