This is all over the place, bear with me. Couldn't decide where to put it, so General it is.

I just picked up a .450 Bushy AR upper, for possible future hunting (looks like Delaware might be an option now). Ammo ain't cheap, so I plan to only shoot factory stuff enough to get the field optics sighted in, then plink with irons and reloads. Google fu suffering today...

  1. I already buy poly-coated 230g round nose in .452" for my 1911. Will these work in .450 Bushmaster? Do I need to worry about peeling the poly at rifle velocities?
  2. Has anyone here loaded such a light round in a .450? Load data suggestions?
  3. I load for my 1911 on a Lee Pro 1000, because I am cheap... err... frugal. Anyone with experience loading long straight cases on the Lee? Good or bad?
  4. I read that .450 spaces off the case mouth. If so, I guess that chambering .45ACP would be a seriously bad idea, no? If it did work, I'd have a PCC in .45, wouldn't I?

Any input is appreciated. Thanks.