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    Default [Oops] Philadelphia Sheriff’s Office lost track of over 200 weapons

    Investigation and Review of the Sheriff’s Office Gun Inventory
    November 18, 2020

    Philadelphia, PA –*City Controller Rebecca Rhynhart, joined by Philadelphia Sheriff Rochelle Bilal, announced the results of her office’s investigation into the gun inventory maintained by the Philadelphia Sheriff’s Office. After receiving a complaint alleging that 15 rifles and shotguns had been missing from the Sheriff’s Office gun inventory since 2016, the Controller’s Office opened an investigation into all firearms under the purview of the Sheriff’s Office.

    The investigation found that 101 service firearms and 109 PFA weapons were missing from the Sheriff’s Office inventory. The review also identified other issues with the overall management of the Sheriff’s Office gun inventory. In response to the review, Sheriff Bilal expressed her willingness to improve the management of her office’s gun inventory and to implement recommendations outlined in the report.
    no size restrictions & screw the limit.

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    Default Re: [Oops] Philadelphia Sheriff’s Office lost track of over 200 weapons

    Rules are written in the stone,
    Break the rules and you get no bones,
    all you get is ridicule, laughter,
    and a trip to the house of pain.

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