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    Default You GOTTA read this! HB 2957

    Not a chance in hell of passing, the idea is attractive and repulsive at the same time particularly that ammunition may NOT be possessed except by so-called PennCorps members.

    Regular Session 2019-2020
    House Bill 2957
    Short Title:
    An Act amending Titles 18 (Crimes and Offenses) and 35 (Health and Safety) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, in firearms and other dangerous articles, providing for sale or transfer of high-power firearm ammunition; and, in Commonwealth services, further providing for intrastate mutual aid and providing for the PennCorps State defense force.
    Prime Sponsor: Representative RABB
    Last Action: Referred to JUDICIARY, Nov. 5, 2020 [House]
    Memo: Reviving Our State Defense Force to Address Community Safety & Public Health

    Read the memo too!

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    Default Re: You GOTTA read this! HB 2957

    The idea is attractive because it would allow access where normally we wouldn't have it. Repulsive because of the restrictions. This is an attempt to, quite simply, restrict or eliminate ammunition which would, in effect, restrict or eliminate guns in civilian hands. License up or you get nothing, which is also a backdoor registration.

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    Default Re: You GOTTA read this! HB 2957

    Guys, no excuses this year. We need to be at the capital building numerous times this year with tens of thousands of gun owners. Enough shutting around, no more gun laws...period!

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    Exclamation Re: You GOTTA read this! HB 2957

    Sleepy is already making changes 😲

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    Default Re: You GOTTA read this! HB 2957

    Quote Originally Posted by GOYABEAN View Post
    Sleepy is already making changes 😲
    Is this a PA bill or federal?

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    Red face Re: You GOTTA read this! HB 2957

    Quote Originally Posted by mikelets456 View Post
    Is this a PA bill or federal?
    At this point in time it doesn't really either way !

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    Default Re: You GOTTA read this! HB 2957

    This bill appears to be creating a state funded and licensed for of Browncoats.
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    Default Re: You GOTTA read this! HB 2957

    Quote Originally Posted by knight0334 View Post
    This bill appears to be creating a state funded and licensed for of Browncoats.
    Or the State meeting it*s obligation to have a militia.
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    Default Re: You GOTTA read this! HB 2957

    Here is the meat of the act:

    Section 1. Title 18 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated
    Statutes is amended by adding a section to read:
    6111.6. Sale or transfer of high-power firearm ammunition.
    (a) Sale or transfer.--The sale or transfer of high-powe r
    firearm ammunition shall be restricted to active members of the
    PennCorps who have firearm licenses. The following shall apply:
    (1) Individuals who possess high-power firearm
    ammunition upon the effective date of this section may keep
    the ammunition.
    (2) An individual legally possessing ammunition under
    this section may not sell or transfer the ammunition to any
    other individual except an active PennCorps member.
    (3) The individual may not buy more ammunition.
    (b) Offense defined.--It is unlawful for any person other
    than a PennCorps member to sell or transfer high-power firearm
    (c ) Grading.--An individual who sells or transfers, o r
    attempts to sell or transfer, ammunition to an individual who is
    not an active PennCorps member commits a misdemeanor of the
    first degree.
    (d) Definitions.--As used in this section, "high-powe r
    firearm ammunition" shall mean the following types of
    (1) Ammunition constructed entirely from one or a
    combination of tungsten alloys, steel, iron, brass, bronze,
    beryllium copper or depleted uranium.
    (2 ) A full-jacketed projectile larger than .22 calibe r
    and whose jacket has a weight of more than 25% of the total
    weight of the projectile.
    (3 ) Ammunition that is .50 caliber or greater .
    (4 ) Flechette ammunition .
    (5 ) Ammunition that contains exothermic pyrophoric mes h
    metal as a projectile and is designed for the sole purpose of
    throwing or spewing a flame or fireball to simulate a
    (6 ) Bolo shells .
    (7 ) Hollow Nose, Dum-Dum or other ammunition designed t o
    expand upon impact.
    Section 3. Chapter 73 of Title 35 is amended by adding a
    subchapter to read:
    7331.1. Definitions.
    7332.1. PennCorps.
    7333.1. PennCorps Oversight Committee .
    7334.1. Requests for assistance and reimbursements.
    7335.1. License, certificate and permit portability.
    7336.1. Insurance.
    7337.1. Workers' compensation.
    7338.1. Immunity.
    7339.1. Effect on other agreements.
    7340.1. Grant.
    7331.1. Definitions.
    The following words and phrases when used in this subchapter
    shall have the meanings given to them in this section unless the
    context clearly indicates otherwise:
    "Agency." The Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency.
    "Committee." The PennCorps Oversight Committee.
    "Dedicated emergency response organization." An entity
    organized, chartered or incorporated in this Commonwealth or
    chartered by the Congress of the United States for the primary
    purpose of providing emergency services. The term includes
    volunteer, career and combination organizations.
    "Emergency responder." An individual in the public or
    private sector who has special skills, qualifications, training,
    knowledge or experience, whether or not the person possesses a
    license, certificate, permit or other official recognition for
    the skills, qualifications, training, knowledge or experience,
    that would benefit a participating political subdivision in
    responding to an authorized aid request or participating in an
    authorized drill or exercise. The term includes a law
    enforcement officer, a firefighter, an emergency medical
    services worker, a physician, nurse or other public health
    examiner, an emergency management official, a coroner or medical
    examiner, a State-certified hazardous materials team member, a
    public works worker, a building inspector, an architect,
    engineer or other design professional or a person with
    specialized equipment operations, skills or training or with any
    other skills needed to provide aid in an emergency.
    "Incident." An event or condition which constitutes an
    actual or imminent threat to public health and safety, public or
    private property or the economic well-being of the community.
    "Political subdivision." A county, city, borough,
    incorporated town or township. The term includes a council of
    governments established among any of the above.
    7332.1. PennCorps.
    (a ) Establishment.--The PennCorps is established as th e
    State defense force of this Commonwealt h .
    (b ) Membership.--The PennCorps shall be comprised of member s
    who meet the following requirements:
    (1 ) Have been a Pennsylvania resident for at least th e
    last 12 consecutive months.
    (2 ) Have no unpaid State fines or penalties .
    (3 ) Are a current or retired volunteer firefighter i f
    the potential member is an applicant residing in a
    municipality where the option is available.
    (4 ) Have passed the appropriate physical an d
    psychological tests, within 60 days of membership approval,
    as determined by the PennCorps Oversight Committee.
    (c ) Benefits.--The following benefits shall be given to eac h
    member of PennCorps:
    (1 ) A tax-exempt monthly stipend .
    (2 ) Two points towards the civil service test for eac h
    year of PennCorps service.
    (3) Tuition assistance with Pennsylvania State System o f
    Higher Education schools.
    (4 ) Student loan assistance .
    (5 ) Homeownership assistance .
    (6 ) Free training and professional development on topic s
    including implicit bias, cultural competency, dispute
    resolution and any other topics the PennCorps Oversight
    Committee find necessary.
    (7 ) Self-defense training .
    (d ) Duties.--The duties of the members shall include th e
    (1 ) A cting as a substantive alternative or complement t o
    traditional police involvement.
    (2 ) Assisting with public health and community safet y
    efforts, including:
    (i ) Contact tracing .
    (ii ) Violence prevention .
    (iii ) Youth engagement and mentorship .
    (iv ) Mental health and wellness interventions .
    (v ) Focused deference and group violenc e
    (vi ) Substance abuse disorder work .
    (vii ) Grief counseling .
    (viii ) Trauma-informed care in areas includin g
    schools and the court system.
    (ix ) Emergency assistance during natural and man -
    made disasters.
    (3 ) Any other assistance the committee and departmen t
    find necessary to enhance the well-being and quality of life
    for all Pennsylvanians.
    7333.1. PennCorps Oversight Committee .
    (a) Establishment.--The PennCorps Oversight Committee i s
    (b ) PennCorps Oversight Committee membership.- - The PennCorp s
    Oversight Committee shall be comprised of the following members:
    (1) The director of the agency or a designee, who shall
    serve as the chairman of the committee.
    (2 ) The State Fire Commissioner and the Director of th e
    Bureau of Emergency Medical Services of the Department of
    Health or any successor bureau or administrative unit having
    similar responsibilities.
    (3 ) Three representatives each from the career fir e
    services, the volunteer fire services and the emergency
    medical services.
    (4 ) Three county emergency management agency directors ,
    one from each agency area, who shall be recommended by the
    respective agency area directors.
    (5 ) One representative each from the Statewide count y
    and municipal government associations' representative elected
    (6 ) Three representatives from county-based 91 1
    (7 ) One representative from the Department of Huma n
    (8 ) One representative each from an organization tha t
    works with mental health and an organization that works with
    substance abuse and rehabilitation.
    (c ) Appointments.--Each member under subsection (b) shall b e
    appointed by the director of the agency and the appointment
    shall be based on recommendations from the organizations and
    associations represented. The county-based 911 members shall be
    selected from recommendations made by the three agency area
    (d ) Terms of office.--Members shall serve a term of tw o
    years and may be appointed for subsequent terms.
    (e ) Duties of committee.--The committee shall do all of th e
    (1 ) Hold at least one meeting each year to review th e
    progress and status of the PennCorps.
    (2 ) Develop the appropriate physical and psychologica l
    testing requirements for PennCorps members.
    (3 ) Decide upon a tax-exempt stipend for PennCorp s
    service members. The stipend shall be reevaluated every other
    (4 ) Survey each entity that used the services of th e
    PennCorps during the most recent year to track and evaluate
    the system.
    (5 ) Examine the issues facing each participating entit y
    and discuss ways that PennCorps can assist in the coming
    (6 ) Prepare an annual report on the condition an d
    effectiveness of PennCorps in this Commonwealth and may
    contain recommendations for correcting any deficiencies
    within the system. This report shall be submitted to the
    General Assembly.
    (7 ) Develop all of the following :
    (i ) Comprehensive guidelines and procedures tha t
    address all of the following:
    (A ) Projected or anticipated costs potentiall y
    incurred by a participating political subdivision.
    (B ) Record keepin g for participating politica l
    (C ) Reimbursement procedures and other necessar y
    implementation elements.
    (D ) Any procedures that the committee deem s
    (ii ) Checklists for requesting and providin g
    (iii ) Forms for requests and other records t o
    document the deployment and return of assets.
    7334.1. Requests for assistance and reimbursements.
    (a ) Requests.--Requests for assistance must be in accordanc e
    with the following:
    (1) A community group, quasi-governmental agency, public
    sector agency or other entity where PennCorps engagement
    could be a substantive alternative or complement to
    traditional police involvement or other services may request
    PennCorps assistance.
    (2) Requests for assistance may be made through the
    agency or to the 911 center or county emergency management
    (3) A written request shall be submitted after a verbal
    request is made as soon as practicable or within the number
    of days that the agency, in its discretion, may determine.
    (b ) Reimbursement.--Reimbursements shall be in accordanc e
    with the following:
    (1) The requesting entity shall reimburse the PennCorps
    in accordance with procedures established by the committee.
    (2) The PennCorps may choose, in response to a majority
    vote of the committee, to donate assets of any kind to an
    entity that shows need.
    (3) If a dispute arises regarding reimbursement,
    involved parties shall make every effort to resolve the
    dispute within 30 days of written notice of the dispute by
    the party asserting noncompliance.
    (4) In the event that the dispute is not resolved within
    90 days of the notice of the claim, either party may request
    the dispute be resolved through arbitration.
    (5) Any arbitration requested under this subsection
    shall be conducted under the commercial arbitration rules of
    the American Arbitration Association.
    7335.1. License, certificate and permit portability.
    If a person holds a license, certificate or other permit
    issued by the person's respective political subdivision or the
    Commonwealth evidencing qualification in a professional,
    mechanical or other skill and the assistance of that person or
    entity is requested by an entity, the person shall be deemed to
    be licensed, certified or permitted in the political
    subdivision, county or area that is requesting assistance for
    the duration of the incident response or authorized drills or
    exercises and subject to any limitations and conditions the
    chief executive of the participating entity may prescribe by
    executive order or otherwise.
    7336.1. Insurance.
    The agency and the PennCorps Oversight Committee shall ensure
    that adequate insurance protection is in effect covering all
    vehicles and equipment used in response to a request for
    PennCorps assistance . The committee and agency shall maintai n
    direct and overall control of all vehicles and equipment
    utilized in a PennCorps response and shall ensure that vehicles
    and equipment are used within intended design specifications.
    7337.1. Workers' compensation.
    Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the agency shall
    provide appropriate workers' compensation insurance protection
    for PennCorps members responding to a request for aid. A member
    who sustains injury or death in the course of and arising out of
    the membership shall be entitled to all applicable benefits
    normally available to personnel while performing their duties
    for the PennCorps. Responders shall receive any additional
    Federal and State benefits that may be available for line of
    7338.1. Immunity.
    Each activity performed under this subchapter is deemed to be
    a governmental functio n . For the purposes of liability, eac h
    member responding under PennCorps shall be deemed to be an
    employee of the agency. Except in cases of willful misconduct,
    gross negligence or bad faith, neither the agency nor the
    employee shall be liable for the death or injury to persons or
    for damage to property when complying or attempting to comply
    with the system. This subchapter shall provide no immunity,
    rights or privileges for an individual responding to an incident
    where the response has not been requested by an appropriate
    7339.1. Effect on other agreements.
    Nothing in this subchapter shall preclude participating
    entities from entering into or holding supplementary agreements
    with other entities for the services offered by PennCorps.
    7340.1. Grant.
    The agency shall establish a grant for entities who wish to
    hire PennCorps members who have successfully completed the
    necessary training to work within the community.
    Section 4. This act shall take effect in 60 days
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    Default Re: You GOTTA read this! HB 2957

    So: and someone with more understanding of our current laws, this sounds like it creates a new special class, but also make it possible for people to have firearms/ammo that they currently can not in Pennsylvania.
    "Cives Arma Ferant"

    "I know I'm not James Bond, that's why I don't keep a loaded gun under the pillow, or bang Russian spies on a regular basis." - GunLawyer001

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