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Thread: This is intense

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    I keep informed, I donated what I could to the President, but decided not to be glued to my phone riding the minute by minute thing as this plays out. The president has his legal team busy with this and regardless of the outcome we will find some good in all of this.

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    I got an uncorroberated email that Texas is sueing the govt because of the fraud throughout the country. This could lead to setting all mail in votes aside or forcing the congress to vote. They must vote on party lines and that would be a Trump win.

    Anyone else get that info and can anyone confirm ?

    They cited the Gore/Bush decision as proof.

    I am hopeful also based on the video above.

    below is a copy of the email FWIW

    Subject: Believe it or Not

    This is a copy and paste from a text to a friend of mine who received it from a friend in Texas. The law firm is located in Texas. I just assume this is not over till the fat lady sings.
    I just received this text from my friend who works for a large company in Texas:

    info from some of the lawyers from my group:

    Ok in a nutshell. This is going to the Supreme Court. Where they will rule that the election is invalid due to fraud or mistakes on a country wide scale. It will go one of two ways, either they will rule that all the unconstitutional mail in ballots will be removed and the states ordered to recount without them or they will simply rule the election is invalid due to mass voter fraud and at that point it will be sent to the congress and senate for a vote. This is where it gets good. The house/congress votes on who the President will be. It has nothing to do with what party that has power. Every State gets one vote and 30 States are held by Republicans and 19 by Democrats. They have to vote down party lines, they have no choice due to the 12th Amendment of the Constitution and the Senate votes for the Vice President where a similar even will take place. This is The law. This is why the Democrats are so mad at Nancy Pelosi. This will all happen in January. The only way President Trump won*t be President is if he concedes the election and that will never happen So stop watching the fake news and don*t let your heart be troubled and live your life knowing this will all work out. President Trump will remain President I have researched all of this and it is Fact!
    Another fun fact, they call Gore the President Elect for 30 days in 2000 until the courts ruled against him and declared Bush the winner. And two people that were part of that decision was none other that new Supreme Court Justices, Brett Kavanagh and Amy Coney Barrett. Why do you think the Democrats tried so hard to keep them from being confirmed.
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    Here's more news on PA elections.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Photon Guy View Post
    Here's more news on PA elections.
    Illegitimus non carborundum est

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