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There is a reason Pennsylvania gun laws do not mirror NY or NJ gun laws: there are enough pro-gun Democrat legislators in Pa. that their leaders want to keep in office, that gun rights don't get the usual trampling here.
Kim and FOAC are wise enough to take the long view and not become a Republican Party front group.
They certainly grown more politically and morally realistic over the years and are to be commended for their efforts.

That being said--I would never trust a liar!
True that. This is why many of us have held our noses, turned to the right and coughed - and voted for Toomey. We needed the R in front of the senator's name. Pragmatic politics makes strange bedfellows as someone once said.

When we can get a pro-gun Repub OR pro-gun Dem (which thankfully for PA there are many) to vote for, we will.