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    Default Re: Neighbor complaint/conflict. Opinions?

    Great result.

    A soft voice turneth away wrath, but a soft voice and a big fucking gun commands a lot more respect.

    Glad it worked out.
    American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE

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    Default Re: Neighbor complaint/conflict. Opinions?

    Quote Originally Posted by streaker69 View Post
    I bet he went home and bitched to his wife about how unreasonable you were being and she set him straight.
    I do believe that is very, very likely.

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    Default Re: Neighbor complaint/conflict. Opinions?

    Quote Originally Posted by KCJones View Post
    FWIW, there have been more than a few times I was a dick to someone in the heat of the moment, and it took my wife telling me so to make me go back and make it right. Fair enough. Kudos on him for whatever perceived 'swallowing his pride' necessary to do so.

    I agree with the 'If you treat me like a dog, I'll lift my leg on you" idea. Yet my general sentiment is I'll always work with a neighbor who asks nicely / presents an issue reasonably. In most cases I'd go MORE than half-way to find an agreeable compromise with them.

    Example: I own some rural property reached via an easement. The owner of the underlying property wanted a locked gate. The existing gate blocked my property too, and he had a bad habit of changing-out the lock on it without telling me. Went round-and-round with him about it. Offered to pay to move the gate 20' so it blocked his property but not mine (Ironic, since I was fully in favor of having a gate). Offered to pay to install a "code" lock so no key was required. Bent over backward and it was all just "no". He was just pissed off I had the easement.

    I was tempted to go get the Bobcat and just knock down enough trees I could drive around the gate. My wife talked me outta that one.

    Eventually I just kept a pair of bolt-cutters in the car and if he changed the lock I'd cut it off.

    Never did get that one worked out until he died. His son took it over. The son came to me about the 'gate' problem and I said "Sure. Either we just both agree to not change the padlock, or I'll pay to implement solution A, B or C, whaddya want?" Problem immediately fixed (we just agreed to stop with the padlock-change game).

    So yeah, it's a shame he didn't "go high" from the get-go. But sounds like all's well that ends well.
    Yep, it takes 2 to agree, but only 1 to be a dick and make any situation intolerable.

    The woke folk don't get that, in their perpetual whining about cops not "defusing" situations involving career offenders, drugged-up losers, and deranged loonies. The best cops in the world are still going to have to shoot a few people now and then, as long as we have a few people with anger management issues or violent delusions, or just don't feel like respecting the rights of anyone else.

    Similarly, it's not always "both their faults" when a couple break up. People have a complex set of motivators and beliefs and delusions, and if someone doesn't want to play nice, it doesn't matter how fair or understanding the other person is. People aren't machines, or if they are, they're machines running amateur programming. Sometimes it's like having a pet shark; he's just never going to view you as "daddy", he's more likely to eat your arm some day, because that's how he rolls.
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    Default Re: Neighbor complaint/conflict. Opinions?

    Quote Originally Posted by esh21167 View Post
    All's well that end well. It does pay to have a cool head and de-escalate.
    My goal is to someday have acreage enough (like you) that I can take a piss in my yard without the neighbors seeing my noodle, but I digress.

    Like you, I always try to take the high road with neighborly issues and be the adult in the room. Good outcome.

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    Default Re: Neighbor complaint/conflict. Opinions?

    That is an OUTSTANDING compromise. If he does not like it, go ahead with your timeline/build.

    "All that is needed for Evil to Prevail is for Good Men to
    do Nothing"

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