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To me, it shows people are waking up in droves and hopefully they will turn to voting for the "R" candidate or at least the "Pro-gun" candidate. I hate to say it, but everything else has been infringed from gatherings, free speech, free conscience, etc---all we have left is the 2A and of course, God.
The were other buying panics. The last major one was right after Sandy Hook. Some of the these buyers are repeat buyers. Some are buying in the hopes of a gun ban so they can resell at an inflated price. The there are those that have an attitude of " the democrats will never take our guns "and if gun bans become reality the NRA or the Supreme court will make them all go away.I sure some of those people living in NY and CA found out the hard way especially nowadays when if they want to buy an AR 15 they have to get one with all those gizmos and gadgets to skirt the law.
My point is I don't have much confidence that more gun buying will guarantee of a GOP takeover. If Trump wins a lot of the guns will end up on the used rack at your LGS.