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    Default Re: No support from bob casey for judge Barrett

    Quote Originally Posted by Woodwanderer View Post
    I*m glad I*m not the only one...figured it was a canned ham reply sent to anyone who contacted him...

    Guess I won*t be voting for him again ����***The party lines don*t mean shit anymore...
    The Democrat party is now the communist party. Their agenda is evil, and the actions they take are evil.

    Witness the Kavanugh confirmation hearings, prosecution of Kyle Rittenhouse, and the reductions in penalties for crimes nationwide.
    American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE

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    Default Re: No support from bob casey for judge Barrett

    Casey is one of those people who just pisses me off as soon as he opens his whiny mouth. Just the sound of his voice makes me want to puke. How does such a fucking little pussy get elected to public office?
    "It's hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong."
    Thomas Sowell

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    Default Re: No support from bob casey for judge Barrett

    We should always voice support for politicians standing with us.
    But we should also always voice opposition to Casey and other politicians against us.

    A silent constituency is interpreted as tacit agreement or voter indifference, both of which breed even bolder attacks against our rights and freedoms.
    Vocal disagreement by an engaged public applies pressure to tamp down overreaching negative governance.

    Casey is always afraid that our vocal disagreement will awaken the silent majority to throw him out of office.
    This is because Casey's mandate does not come from the full majority of the eligible voting public.

    Almost every modern election has been decided by less than 50% of eligible voters, and in some cases by less than 15% of eligible voters.
    Casey's contempt comes from events such as voter apathy resulting in the Democrat takeover of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court with only 16% of the eligible vote.

    Never say political engagement is useless even when you are certain of the outcome, because with a silent majority the outcome is never certain.
    Casey wants you to abandon the political process, because your silence increases his confidence that the silent majority will remain indifferent to his attacks against our rights.

    Our voices always have the power and potential to awaken the silent majority.
    Always remember that, and don't allow Casey's contempt to silence you.

    How can you have any cookies if you don't drink your milk?

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