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    Default Re: Cheapest Transfer Fees in Centre Region?

    Quote Originally Posted by Boo Vuccla View Post
    Hi Gixxer,
    You're right in that I haven't heard anything from you in awhile.
    Goodman's Arms in McElhattan-Clinton County has transfers for 30 bucks. Unless you go to a friend's home who has an FFL, 25 to 35 bucks at a shop around our neck of Penn's Woods is the rate. 20 bucks for Ron Lutz is the lowest I have heard in a long long time and I think from where the OP lives, Lemont isn't much of a drive verses the other side of Lock haven where Goodmans is located. At least not 10 dollars in fuel costs if you're that cheap to factor it in!!!!!! I will say that Goodmans is a great little gun shop and he is extremely knowledgeable and has built some incredible guns for some guys I've talked to at Southern Clinton Sportsman's range. Sometimes extra money is worth the drive to check out other shops.
    Do we know each other?

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    Default Re: Cheapest Transfer Fees in Centre Region?

    Nope! Just haven't seen you post on the county boards in awhile!
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