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    Default Fair Price for a Sig RCS

    I have a Sig RCS that I want to get rid of. I got it as a carry gun but carry my Hi-Power most of the time. The gun is approximately 4 years old and has less than 300 rounds through it. It is in new condition! I really would rather trade it but am very specific in what a want - a S&W 27-2 or 686-4). So, the best way for me is to sell the RCS & buy the S&W.

    I want to attempt to sell it on Gunbroker. I have never done this before. What should I set the minimum bid price & what should I set the reserve to?

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    Default Re: Fair Price for a Sig RCS

    Typically those who set a reserve price on Gunbroker set it to the lowest price they would take for the gun.

    Minimum bids can be good or bad. A lot of people are turned off by seeing a minimum bid placed on a gun. MANY people who I know, if they have a gun that is desirable will set a penny auction, that is, the starting price is $0.01. Then they run the auction for 10-14 days and have the auction end on a Sunday night (that gives people who work during the week the weekend to browse Gunbroker and bid on something they want.

    Personally, I would put it for sale here on the forum (classifieds) and see how that does. If there's not any interest then you can go the Gunbroker route.
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    Default Re: Fair Price for a Sig RCS

    Remember if no one else is interested in buying it, you could have the RCS sitting for sale on Gunbroker for months. I have had that happen on a couple of sales. I usually put the minimum amount I will take as the starting bid price. It could sell for that price or people could bid the price up by the end of the sale date. If no one is willing to pay your minimum price, it could renew again for a period of time and sit.

    If you do not care what price you get, do the penny sale. Just remember you could end up selling it for a penny or not much more. Trading it in at a gun store, you are more likely to get the wholesale price. It all comes down to what you want for it and how quickly you want to sell it? One some sales I was willing to accept the wholesale price, and not have to deal with the Gunbroker listings, the fee they are going to take from your selling price, having to wait to get your money if you accept money orders, and having to pack and ship it. Read carefully on Gunbroker on how you are able to ship a gun as an non-FFL person. My local gun stores charge around $60 to ship something to another FFL. Some buyers are not willing to pay that much. Overnight is expensive as a non-FFL shipper.

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