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    Default Re: Looking for someone with expertise in 80% lower milling

    I've done tons and I use the 5d tactical jig and router. The 5d 80% arms and modulus are all the same and best jigs on the market. They make it so easy it's crazy. I started with a cheap jig from anderson and used my drill press took about 4 hours from start to finish and looked ok, not perfect. Then I got the juggernaut tactical jig and it's nice but wanted a router jig so got the 5d and can now do them in about 45min and they're beautiful. I actually rent my jig out to people who don't want to pay the money for the setup if they only want to do a few. I only use mill and drill bits. Absolutely the best there is hands down. I've done 20 on the set I have now and still cut like butter. I have new sets I send out with rental. But if you have questions let me know. I'd be more than happy to help. has some really nice lowers or juggernaut has the best billet. They're expensive but they're beautiful especially their enhanced ones and I love the screw in bolt catch. No pin bull crap messing up the side lol. So let me know if you have anymore questions. I'm near Freeland.

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    Default Re: Looking for someone with expertise in 80% lower milling

    The Juggernaut Tac. lowers look nice, however, they are 6061 aluminum.....FAR inferior strength to 7075. And at their price, it leaves question. But using a fancy coating accounts for some of the price gouge anyway. I*m also not a fan a of the giant JT logo. I don*t like free advertising on my ARs. I*M the one finish Machining & assembling. Considering AMT uses 7075-T6 billet & cost almost HALF the price of the JT lowers, Juggernaut just are not what I think of as the best.
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