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    Default Cannot apply for LTCF for 5 months?

    I would like to apply for a license to carry firearms. According to the Chester County Sheriff’s Department website, applications will be accepted by appointments only. The first appointment available is 2/10/2021. Is this legal because of the pandemic? Would it be legal otherwise? Do i have any recourse to obtain a license to carry earlier than 2/10/2021 + 45 days?

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    Default Re: Cannot apply for LTCF for 5 months?

    I just updated here:

    Fill out all the paperwork and walk into the courthouse towards the end of the day. It worked for the guy behind me apparently...

    I was just in the Chesco sheriffs office yesterday for a 3:15pm appointment (that was booked back in early July). New/renewal is the same process. Call them or schedule via their website ASAP.

    The officer I spoke with yesterday said they are scheduling into February 2021. Good luck.

    EDIT: There was another guy behind me in line @ 3:10 just outside the entrance doors into the sheriffs office. I overheard him talking to the female officer checking applications behind me; Female officer checked his name and notified him he wasn't on their list of people scheduled for the day; he said he was told by so and so to show up @ 3:15. Female officer relayed the info to the other officers behind the desks inside the sheriffs office...they looked around the office (it's just me) and allowed him to enter to submit his application after I left.

    I'm almost positive this guy just walked up at the end of the day and BS'd his way in.
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    Default Re: Cannot apply for LTCF for 5 months?

    No. It is not legal. Period. End of story.

    Go in and hand them the application. Record it.

    If they refuse, sue the deputy, the sheriff and the county, and file a federal civil rights lawsuit, then file a criminal complaint for official oppression under color of law with the district attorney.
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    Default Re: Cannot apply for LTCF for 5 months?

    Yesterday I contacted the Delaware County Sheriff’s Department because the county website says to call to make an appointment to apply for a license to carry permit. I was told to come in with my application on, get this...March 2nd, 2021. This is pretty outrageous. This doesn’t seem right...Does this go against the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania constitution ?

    I know it’s 45 days after applying, but can they really make us wait that long to have the right to protect ourselves without breaking any laws of our own accord ?

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