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    Default New to Area, looking for places to shoot.

    Howdy. Title says it all. Girlfriend lives in Adams County, Fairfield/Carroll Valley area, and I'm in Blair Country. I travel back & forth frequently. Where can I shoot ? Looking to join private club or range association.

    Blue Ridge Sportsman Club is nearby, but, I do not know anybody there obviously, and she is not certain she knows any current members that could possibly sponsor me for membership.

    I'm willing to travel a few miles to shoot, so, I do not necessarily need to find the closest range to her house. I belong to a private club in Blair County, so I do know how those work concerning fees, dues, events, and custom's & courtesy's. (I stay out of trouble). Any help sorting out where I can shoot would be greatly appreciated. THX !
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    Default Re: New to Area, looking for places to shoot.
    check it out
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