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    Default An armed society is a polite society

    Notably, states that have conceal-carry provisions have seen a decline in violent crime whereas states that do not allow conceal-carry have crime rates 11 percent higher than the national averages according to Gun Facts. After passing their conceal-carry law, Florida’s homicide rate fell from 36 percent above the national average to four percent below. Likewise, Texas saw their murder rates fall 50 percent faster than the national average after their conceal-carry law passed.

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    The people who know this know this. The people who don't know this or deny this are sheep. Stop confusing the poor flock with facts!
    I can deal with polite, smart people - I have trouble dealing with sheep.
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    Its like saying, if you're a career criminal, would you rather rob and invade a home in Bayside NYC where its near impossible for a law abiding guy to obtain a gun license or a home in Great Neck Long Island where chances are the home owner has a shot gun or hunting rifle.

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    Great Neck has their own PD. Just like Garden city etc.
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