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    Default Dry fire traning with lazer targets

    Has anyone had any experience with practicing dry firing with any of the lazer target systems. Three of the ones I looked at on line are itargetpro, lazerhit and G-Sight.

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    Default Re: Dry fire traning with lazer targets

    No but I use this and have sold quite a few to the Navy and Air Force Marksmanship Teams.
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    Default Re: Dry fire traning with lazer targets

    I have itargetpro, I wish the app had more options. There is also other apps that work with lazer bullets like strikeman. Put a tripod on your phone and use whatever target you want

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    Default Re: Dry fire traning with lazer targets

    I bought a SIRT training pistol years ago. Same idea without the smart phone feedback. The only thing you need to be careful with is watching the laser and not your front sight. I stopped using it for that reason. You are constantly looking for where the dot hits and not at your sight picture. I think it teaches bad habits.

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