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    Default Re: U.S. Supreme Court declines to hear gun rights cases

    Quote Originally Posted by ArcticSplash View Post
    I see all of you seized in SCOTUS distaste after the ruling on gay and trans people.

    Where was the lobbying when Democrats fundraised like mad to yield a state Supreme Court that only has a token Republican (Saylor, who is about to retire) and a rookie (Mundy)? I didn't see much excitement here about GOTV to stop the D takeover of SCOPA.

    You guys gotta stop looking at Ds and Rs after names when it comes to the judicial bench. SCOTUS judges get to serve for life to become free of party affiliation. Ronald Reagan put on what he thought was a libertarian judge (Souter) who wound up instead being the swing vote in plenty of liberal decisions. Sandra Day O'Connor (another Republican appointee) single-handedly saved abortion but she moved away from her normal constructionist views and became libertarian-for-a-day.

    Justice Scalia gained a reputation of being far more aggressively libertarian (and hence a judge 2nd Amendment advocates adored) because of his libertarian views. Justice Thomas basically considered Scalia as his mentor and now it's Justice Thomas who is the only 2A advocate on the court.

    Justice Gorsuch's decision today on the gay/trans discrimination decision did it from a basis of libertarian interpretation of equal protection. Don't believe me? The ruling is here to read:

    The county employer who fired the gay employee would not have fired him had he not participated in a gay softball league. It was photos of him participating in gay softball that caused his employer to fire him. Is this discrimination on the basis of sex?

    Well: SCOTUS already ruled before in Price Waterhouse that firing an employee because she was "too macho" and wore pants instead of dresses reached Title 7 protection. Similarly, if you're firing a gay person on the basis of what you expect a man to be, that's sex discrimination.*

    Religious/ecclesiastical employment is STILL exempt from discrimination claims so a gay guy trying to sue a church because they won't make him a deacon won't get far.
    Can you still get fired for wearing a Maga hat or if the employer finds out you're a Christian or conservative?
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    Default Re: U.S. Supreme Court declines to hear gun rights cases

    Quote Originally Posted by eagleclaw View Post
    What's the point of the court taking a serious Second amendment case when we are not sure if it's going to be decided in our favor. 5-4 with a swing voter is not good odds.
    Exactly what I was thinking. Forget the party letter beside their name. I'm not convinced this is yet a good time to have important cases decided. Not having them heard may be better than having them proceed with a bad result. It's far more likely for another case to come up the ranks sooner than a bad decision would be revisited, let alone overturned.
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    Default Re: U.S. Supreme Court declines to hear gun rights cases

    In the end, don't rely on the courts to solve our problems. It comes down to overturning these shitty state governments.

    A few years ago I was talking with colleagues at lunch in a state that was turning from red to blue and they were joshing me about my statement of making sure my local state rep and state senate knew my views. I wonder what they think now with all that is going on, maybe they should have focused more on what goes on locally.

    I used to think that what we had to worry about was the federal government but really it's the state governments where most change goes on and it's where most people that are constitutionalists ignore.

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