Fee is $10 cash each week and you do not need to be a range member. Come once, come every week, up to you. There is no initiation process, no applications, no test, no tracking of your shooting ability, and no competition, just a few people getting together each week to practice using their handguns under different scenarios. Show up and say, "Hello" and you're in the club.

Only basic handgun knowledge is required, but you must be familiar with shooting your firearm. This is a friendly shooting club that shoots every Tuesday on our 100' handgun range. We welcome all levels of shooters and welcome everyone to these weekly shoots.

So what kind of things do we practice: Shooting at long distance (up to 100 feet), shooting out of a vehicle, moving and shooting, tactical reloads, shooting under distress, drawing and firing, moving through a breach door, practice LEO Qualification Course (we don't keep score, but you can if you want), and anything else shooters may recommend.

Shooters are required to bring their equipment, including:
  • Handgun
  • Holster
  • 2 Magazines
  • 100+ rounds
  • Ear and Eye protection
  • Baseball style hat
  • Rain gear if required, however lightning will cancel the shoot.

  • No open shoes or low cut shirts
  • Any type of sights are allowed.
  • Any type of holster is allowed.
  • Everyone must wear ear and eye protection while range is "hot".
  • Due to COVID-19, we are not allowing non-shooting guests.
  • Handgun Calibers only, so no 5.56/223 or 7.62x39 calibers.
  • FN5.7 is not allowed due to the use of metal targets.

All rules and regulations of Washington County Tactical Range must be followed.

Any questions, call or text us at 724-249-5112.

Address is:

Washington County Machine Guns & Tactical Range
25 Greaves Road
West Alexander, PA 15376

Use parking lot 2 through the double-gates.