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Thread: AK Magazine's

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    Quote Originally Posted by Norsaq View Post
    The Romanian mags with the last round bolt hold open feature are nice. Various importers sell them, but there doesn't seem to be a brand name associated with them; only country of origin.
    You're thinking of Yugoslavia.

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    Has anyone ever used the Bulgarian metal mags with the plastic follower from CDNN?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hodgie View Post
    Surplus Romanian and Yugo mags are my favorites, there are other great surplus ones out there like Chinese and Russian but the prices are nuts since they have now become more of a collectible thing.

    Magpul MOE AK mags are decent range mags and work in pretty much every rifle out there but they are not steel reinforced their M3's are and cost about double.

    These new production Korean steel mags that are coming in right now seem to be doing well and are an excellent price. If I were not already ass deem in AK mags I would defiantly give them a go.

    $7.99 from Global Ordanance
    Thanks @Hodgie these mags are built like a tank received some of the AK Global mags today

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    Cool, give an update after to get some rounds through them.

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