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    Default Call to Action, End the Lockdown, Support HR 836

    Did you know that we could end this lockdown with a simple vote if only the GOP leadership would take action?

    Here’s the story:

    • Gov Wolf is using his disaster emergency powers as his authority to order the lockdown (proclamation is here…)

    • The General Assembly can terminate the emergency at any time with a simple vote on a concurrent resolution. See 35 Pa.C.S. 7301.c (found here...) which says in part “The General Assembly by concurrent resolution may terminate a state of disaster emergency at any time. Thereupon, the Governor shall issue an executive order or proclamation ending the state of disaster emergency.” (note: 'shall issue')

    • On April 3rd, Rep Russ Diamond introduced a simple, one-page, concurrent resolution (HR 836 found here…) to do just that.

    • We need cosponsors to move this resolution. To date we have just 27 cosponsors (found here…) out of 203 house members.

    • Sign the Lehigh Valley Tea Party’s Call-To-Action (found here…) to email your state rep, state senator and 4 other key legislators to get cosponsors.

    • Then follow the cosponsor list shown above (again here…) and organize demonstrations at your legislators district offices if they won’t cosponsor.

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    Default Re: Call to Action, End the Lockdown, Support HR 836

    Many counties are stating they will move themselves to the yellow phase despite Wolf's extension of the red phase for most counties. Many counties meet the criteria to move from red to yellow, but Kaiser Wolf does not like them thinking on their own.

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