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    Default Stevens 301 vs ATI Nomad ?

    i want your advice on which shotgun i should buy which brand is better i was told stevens is made in china and ATI is made in the us in south carolina , theses are the only two brands i have to choose from . thank you in advance

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    Default Re: Stevens 301 vs ATI Nomad ?

    Hi Sarcastic -
    look at the post I started a few subjects down - I ended up not getting the Nomad when it was $75 - I really had no use/need for it at the time - was thinking of making it into a survival truck gun. They are NOT made in the us but imported (from Turkey I think) - not that there is anything wrong with that per se. I did handle one at the gun store, they are VERY light - so shooting 12 gauge out of one is likely going to be unpleasant with full power loads. I DID like how compact it folded, and the fact that it is so light would make it easy to carry (hike with) for long distances. Fit and finish where "meh" but it is really cheap - not sure how it would hold up with use. Barrel seemed to be plain steel (not chromed) but I could be wrong. Did I mention it was really cheap? Trigger was "meh" but depending on your needs/wants I think it would be an ok gun for under $100...
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