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    Default Important 3D printed parts for 3M respirators

    If you have a 3M full face or half face respirator there are some useful parts out there.

    Note that the MSA and 3M bayonet filter mounts are not comparable as far as I can tell.

    Here is a plug you can use to run your mask with one filter.

    This allows you to more easily shoulder a rifle or possibly conserve filters or still function with just one filter if that is all you have for some reason.

    I had someone print this part for me, I installed a 112 viton o-ring, and it is good to go. I plan to coat all exposed surfaces in an epoxy resin to seal the part completely (ideally a food grade resin) because I did not have access to food grade filament. Also I do not trust that a 3D printed part is inherently air tight. It also isnít easy to disinfect due to the porosity.

    Next up is a 3M bayonet to 40mm NATO adapter that allows you to use an NBC filter on a 3M respirator.

    I will also be treating this part with a resin outer coating.

    If you know someone with a 3D printer this is an economical route to upgrade a 3M respirator you have for more than just home improvement use, as opposed to buying a quality NBC mask. I have not found anything yet to suggest the 3M respirator itself is not suitable for NBC use but I am still researching. Given current price gouging and shortages it may be an only option.
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    Default Re: Important 3D printed parts for 3M respirators

    I wonder how long it'll be until 3M files a takedown notice for violating their patents. The company that was printing respirator parts in Italy was sued by the patent holder for that part.
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    Default Re: Important 3D printed parts for 3M respirators

    Josh, we have 3 printers at out Makerspace in Mt Pleasant if you need anything printed. Would you mind posting this on our FB?

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    Default Re: Important 3D printed parts for 3M respirators

    Got them before what streaker said happens lol

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