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    Default Re: Local News Story on Higher Gun Sales

    Quote Originally Posted by ROCK-IT3 View Post
    Action News needs better reporters and editors. Apparently this is a verbal quote:

    Alicia Biedrick is among those arming themselves for the first time for protection and wanted to be prepared.

    "I mean who knows Marshall law may go into effect, I don't know, what could be happening that we don't know about so."

    Shouldn't the people who write and edit for the news know that it is martial law, not Marshall law. I can understand the hicks and country bumpkins and rednecks getting it wrong, but several intelligent college graduates working for the local affiliate of a national news company. I'll bet they paid $80K/yr for their education, subsidized by unenlightened, backwards morons.

    Hey watch it with those hicks comments

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    Default Re: Local News Story on Higher Gun Sales

    I have none at all. Every Newbie has at some level seen the light or a glimmer of it. They are potential 2A advocates and are not as likely to swallow the gun control Kool-Aid uncritically. To copy from an ancient Chinese proverb (fitting) about the time to be planting trees, "There are two times to arm yourself, 20 years ago, and today.".

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